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Weber Motor auf der Boot 2011

Veröffentlichung in dem Magazin World Super Yachts vom Februar 2011

With its extremely compact and powerful MPE 750 two cylinder 4-stroke Multi-Purpose Engine, Weber Motor shows  an outstanding engine. Due to the remarkable design, the Weber 4-stroke engines have a power-to-weight ratio similar to that of 2-stroke engines but without the typical disadvantages of high fuel consumption, noise, emissions and short service life. This concept allows Weber Motor to position itself successfully in the market as a manufacturer of highly-efficient engines packages for recreational applications.

Additional features such as power take-off on either engine end, reversible cylinder head, and the broad performance range of the MPE 750 from 73 kW to 105 kW allow for engine usage in the most varying applications. Owing to its flexible engine concept, the Weber engine is perfectly suitable for marine applications. The engine control system enables optimal adaptation for the various operating conditions.

Weber Motor also offers the MPE 750 in combination with a jet propulsion system for operation with boots. Significant improvements concerning reach, loading capacity, speed and maneuverability are the customer main advantages in this area.

At the Boot 2011 the MPE 750 TC amongst others variants was  presented in a Tender 06J built by Bootswerft Heinrich.
The turbo charged 105kW/143 hp (73kW/100 hp for operation on lake of Constance) and the Weber-Jet 148 accelerate this lightweight vessel to planing speed in no time and put it into reach of 40 kn top speed. The elaborate design, the lightweight construction and the jet propulsion enable the most radical turns for those who dare.