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TrainingHighly promising and diversified

We train industrial mechanics and milling machine mechanics in our technical division. We prepare you fully for a challenging activity, for example on our CBC machining centres or in quality assurance. Mechatronics technicians are mainly deployed in maintenance after their training. As a future system integration IT specialist, you will look after our complex information technology without which the digital networking of Design, Production, Logistics and Quality Management and therefore our comprehensive line control system would be inconceivable. Since our products are sold to international customers, we train our commercial trainees with additional qualifications such as economics and foreign languages.

In order to combine the theory learnt at the vocational school and on the job, we deploy our trainees very early on in company processes. For example, apprentices can work on specific project tasks in our modern, well equipped training workshops and in team work – from planning though to implementation. This develops and motivates them.

Technical knowledge and know-how are one thing. But there's more to good training than that. This is why we prepare our upcoming professionals in special team trainings and workshops in order to face all the challenges in their later careers. This forms their personal development as well as their team spirit. For example, excursions and team events lasting several days, informative company visits and sports events provide a comprehensive training and makes for variety. Of course, our trainees have the chance to expand their language and intercultural skills during a six-week stay at our locations in Auburn Hills, USA.

Our training professional

  • System integration IT specialist (m/f)
  • Industrial clerk with additional qualification (m/f)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f)
  • Mechatronics technician (m/f)
  • Milling machine mechanic (m/f)


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