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Holiday Jobs & InternshipGlimpse behind the scenes provides orientation and inspiration

Are you nearing the end of your school life? What comes after that? Training or university? What profession will you choose? What course of studies? Internships for schoolchildren provide answers – and give early vital glimpses of what a future profession will be like. You will find guidance during an internship and inspiration about what you might probably choose as your profession later on.

Internships as a pupil

Maybe you would like to find out what it is like to work for us and see what we have to offer. Or you already have a rough idea and want to find out more about a certain division in our company. No matter whether you are interested in an apprenticeship in a certain profession or you want to have a look at how our engineers, technicians or commercial assistants work – come and take a look behind the scenes at Weber Automotive. You are cordially invited.

Since an internship for pupils normally depends on your individual needs when its comes to length and content, we do not publicise any vacancies. So we look forward to receiving your application on your own initiative. Tell us what motivates you and where your strengths lie. We will find the right opening for you. 

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Holiday jobs

It's the same thing every year. Summertime is holiday time. We also need people to help us out in July and September. So we are looking for your support. Are you at least 18 years old and you have nothing to do during your summer holidays? Do you have three weeks free or more? And do you want to earn a bit of money? Then you've come to the right address.

We offer holiday jobs especially in the production. And of course you have the chance to get to know us and our company a bit. Perhaps you'll come back to us later? We look forward to receiving your application. 

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