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Employee PortraitsUdo Hähnel

Job: Sales Manager Europe
At Weber since: August 2001


Udo Hähnel is currently responsible for sales in all of Europe. A high-level job with a lot of responsibility. But the path there was rocky and winding, another typical employee biography for Weber. In his hometown of Chemnitz, Hähnel studied what they called "industrial mechanics" in the West. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he ended up at a manufacturer of machines, special machines, and systems for the timber industry. He was soon responsible for maintenance and had to "really crawl into the machines", where he knew every screw, every wire, and every cog.

One trip to Australia and two positions later, in addition to working, he continued his studies to become a mechanical engineer. After graduating in 2001, he started at Weber in Neuenbürg. Not in maintenance, but as a manufacturing and project technician, a jump "into deep, cold water," a real leap of faith that is typical for Weber. He dived in – and succeeded: Projects and responsibilities kept growing. Finally, he took over initial duties in sales. Beginning in 2005, Hähnel earned a qualification in technical business management. He then began to promote the internationalization of sales, taking over sales management with a focus on Europe.

In his position he is responsible for making sure that Weber attracts exactly the customers and projects that fit the company. Hähnel is a captivator of people, and "business," he says, "is still done by people." Adherence to schedules and high quality are the most important criteria for the success of the company. "That is where we have to put the rubber to the road." So that the customers are happy in the long term with Weber as a reliable partner. Hähnel is one of those who makes it happen.