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Employee PortraitsSimon Schneider

Job: Apprentice Warehouse logistics technician
At Weber since: June 2015

Finally arrived

Simon Schneider has been completing a three-year apprenticeship at Weber Automotive in Neuenbürg since September of 2015 to become a specialist in warehouse logistics. A dedicated young man who seems to have found his calling here. The work varies, and every day he learns a great deal. And he feels needed and accepted here. Here, among great colleagues, in a pleasant work climate, he says that he feels very comfortable. That was not always the case. After junior high school he started his first venture and began an apprenticeship at a company in the region. But there was a lot there that didn't suit him. He left. He looked for a new path, taking on various internships and temporary jobs in warehousing and shipping. Which finally brought him to us. In the summer he began as an assistant, getting to know the company, its procedures, and his colleagues. And they got to know him. And because he proved himself skilful and fit well into the team, both parties decided to continue working together. Twice per week, the 23-year-old attended vocational school. On the other three days, he was busy at the company with various methods of stock-keeping, with record-keeping on the computer, and with the labelling of pallets and containers. In order to send parts and materials from their storage locations to production exactly when they were needed there – just in time. And he made sure that engine blocks, cylinder heads, and other products were packaged and loaded correctly after they were processed, so that they would get to the customer right on schedule for final assembly on the line. What happens after the apprenticeship? Here in Neuenbürg is where he grew up and found the love of his life. This is where he sees his future. So he hopes that he can stay with Weber. Because he is sure that the company also has a great future here. And with the new logistics centre opening in 2016 - his future workplace - such a future is clearly visible.