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Employee PortraitsRalph Hummel

Job: Production Manager at Markdorf plant
At Weber since: 1985


It all started with an lathe operator apprenticeship at Schramme when he was just 15 years young. He then completed his certificate at Weber, shortly after the takeover. With great diligence and ambition, he worked his way up and seized every opportunity to continue his studies. He initially became a group leader in manufacturing and then earned his industrial foreman qualification. Soon he was a production supervisor, responsible for development in crankshaft production, machine and production line planning, and eventually the entire department. Since 2004 he has been going back to the USA on behalf of the company, helping Daniel Weber with the development of the plant in Auburn Hills - and gaining valuable experience.

In 2008 he earned a technical business management qualification, and the company "made its best efforts to support me," says Hummel. Weber always challenged and encouraged him with the goal of establishing him and qualifying him as a manager. "I always had prospects here and knew that I could become something."

Today, Ralph Hummel is the production supervisor at the Markdorf location. As a manager, he finds himself on the middle ground between production and the C-suite. He has an open ear for problems and needs, but also for ideas and suggestions from the one side – and the necessary grit, backbone, and arguments for the other. Hummel is someone who thinks like an entrepreneur and acts efficiently, across all department boundaries, and who values quick decisions. Someone who builds bridges, who takes people seriously, who engages them, and who motivates and enthuses them with compassion. And who, in doing so, makes sure that they all are doing their part for the success of the company.