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Employee PortraitsMarkus Lohr-Ducree

Job : Head of Technology
At Weber since: November 1984


Markus Lohr-Ducree is someone who learned quickly how to get things done. He has a clear view of things and takes charge. He knows what it is like to start from the very bottom, and to struggle to get to the top. At the main Weber plant in Markdorf, Markus worked his way to the top, from a position as a warehouse worker to the Head of Technology.

In 1984, this skilled mechanic arrived at the company as a genuine doer, an ambitious young man with lofty goals. He quickly learned that if he wants to reach these goals, he has to dedicate himself to them wholeheartedly. Another important lesson: He also quickly learned that employees who are dedicated to their work will receive opportunities and will be promoted. Lohr-Ducree took advantage of these opportunities and accepted challenges, posts and leadership responsibility. He witnessed significant changes in production technology and strong phases of growth, as well as difficult situations. He was not afraid to dive in. He kept pace with the dynamics and fast tempo of the business. In addition to working, he is being trained as a foreman, and will then complete his MBA studies.

As the Head of Technology, he is in charge of production and project technology, process reliability and quality assurance across all departments. His job is to ensure that everything is running smoothly, from the receipt of an order, project planning and production layout, all the way to the start of production. He also keeps morale up among the troops. He is the centre of information and he knows his people well. He is intimately familiar with their skills and interests. He enjoys sharing his experience with others and believes that those who have earned an opportunity should receive it, just like he did. "We need good people here, so we have to give our employees every opportunity to develop their skills," explains Lohr-Ducree. "Those who really want to accomplish things here can do so. These types of motivated employees receive our support, and have great prospects for the future here."