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Employee Portraits Ines Martinez

Job:  Management of the EHS Department (Environment, Health & Safety)
At Weber since: the end of 2017

Wide-ranging responsibilities and ambitious goals

The German city of Magdeburg is where Ines Martinez calls home—it’s where she grew up and where she studied mechanical engineering. Her first job was a design engineer position at VEB Schwermaschinenbaukombinat Karl Liebknecht (SKL). The “heavy metal“ sound of the company‘s name was reflected in the machinery it built, which included ship diesel engines and units for generating power. Back in the days of East Germany, SKL employed around 8,800 people.

Then the Wall came down and the company, like so many East German operations, was dissolved. The situation was becoming tumultuous, but business carried on. Martinez kept working and made the best of it. In 1995, she retrained—this time in environmental management, working in areas such as disposal logistics and water pollution control. She later returned to work as an engineer in quality management, eventually taking a leadership position in environmental management, where she did a lot of groundbreaking work. When a major corporation took the reins of the company in 2000, this engineer‘s ambition was finally met with plenty of opportunity.

The corporation‘s up-to-date structures have allowed her to re-define and professionalize collaboration with expert colleagues around the world as well as corporate environmental protection. Martinez is someone who isn’t afraid to dig in and never stops broadening her horizons. Her responsibilities have been expanded to include such areas as work safety and fire protection, health management and others.

At the end of 2017, the plant in Magdeburg was acquired by Weber Automotive. Martinez has assumed management of the EHS Department (Environment, Health & Safety) and leads it on a global scale. And this is no small task. Her duties as an experienced leader include raising employee awareness, creating structures and standards, defining processes and building up resources. Martinez works at the interface of executives, HR and certification management. Collaborating with insurance companies and trade associations, she conveys information in both directions. Her goals: low CO2 emissions and resource consumption, minimal accident rates, healthy spines, less noise, fewer sick days—and, of course, flawless products. They are ambitious goals, but she’s just the right person for the job.