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Employee PortraitsDaniel Kaczynski

Job: Project Technology
At Weber since: February 2015 (previously from 1998 to 2006)


Daniel Kaczynski started his training to become an industrial mechanic in 1998 at Weber Automotive in Markdorf. His grades were excellent, his accomplishments were convincing, and his supervisors realized quickly that he was someone with a burning passion to get ahead. After his training he worked in manufacturing, and soon assumed leadership responsibilities as a group leader. He was working to become a machine tool technician on the side. A difficult time, but the company supported him. And the effort paid off. He took on greater responsibilities and switched to manufacturing technology, and then to project technology. He grew into that easily, his superiors were confident in him.

In 2007 he took a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go to BMW. In the racing technology division, Kaczynski took over manufacturing planning for components in the engines of Formula 1 racecars, and other positions followed. The young man learned a lot about manufacturing processes and technology in Munich as well as about Business Administration, an ideal addition to his technical skills. After eight years he wanted to come back to the Lake Constance region, and when he stopped by Weber Automotive, it was "as though I was coming home and seeing old friends again," he remembers. Nevertheless, Christian Weber had to help by driving to Munich for a face-to-face meeting - and he was persuasive. Daniel Kaczynski has been back on board since February of 2015. He is once again in project technology, occupying himself these days with quotation costing.

Kaczynski now knows what makes a corporation work. At Weber Automotive, a mid-sized company, he enjoys the flat hierarchies, open doors, and efficient communication. Here he really feels that he "can contribute something to the success of the company."