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Employee PortraitsChristian Pap

Job: Student in DHBW Mechanical Engineering Production Technology
At Weber since: September 2011


Christian Pap is someone who knows exactly what he wants. Who sets goals and pursues them consistently. Until he gets there. And then he sets off to achieve his next goal. Someone who doesn't necessarily need to see the world, and if he does, then it can wait. For now he wants to put the pedal to the metal as long as he is still mentally fit, he says. And he's only 21. He takes every opportunity to learn and work. Restless. And at the same time, totally relaxed. But let's take it from the top.  The Oberteuringen native sailed through to his high school diploma, and even in his industrial technician training at Weber Automotive, achieved excellent grades and accomplished a lot. He got his apprenticeship diploma on July 3, 2014, a date he remembers specifically. Half a year earlier than planned, with a shortened training period. As a trainee, he had a lot to do with colleagues from project technology, an area of responsibility that fascinated him more and more. Which caused him to envision a new goal. He had to ask himself what it would take to get there. The answer: Schooling and – preferably – a dual studies program. He did not take long to decide, enrolled in a business college, and after a year got his advanced technical college certificate. Another item on the checklist complete. The next step: A study and training contract with Weber Automotive, partner of dual universities for years. Christian Weber led the way for him. Then a maths pre-course on the Friedrichshafen campus, which belongs to the Baden-Würtemburg Cooperative State University of Ravensburg. He has been studying Mechanical Engineering there since the first of September with a concentration in production technology. He knows that the combination of scientifically based theories and advanced practical responsibilities will challenge him. But he also knows that he will receive optimal support here. And he is sure that there is no better way to reach his goal – a Bachelor of Engineering diploma in 2018. And then to be one of those working in production technology. We're curious what heights he is still being driven to. One thing is certain: "Standing still is something I don't want to do." But there's no chance of that at Weber Automotive.