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There is no question that we want qualified people who fit in with us and our teams. Employees who identify with the company and its products. In short: the best. But good people are picky and look for their future employers carefully. You have to present yourself in the best light if you want to stand out when competing for young people and qualified personnel. We could make unfounded claims and use fancy words to put a positive spin on Weber Automotive as an employer. But do you believe all that glitters is actually gold? That appearances never deceive? We doubt it. So we're going to remain silent and give our employees a chance to speak. Great people, proven experts in their fields. They should be the ones to tell you how they came to Weber. What they experience here and why some of them have been loyal to us for decades. Get to know them. Then you can form your own impression of us.

Susanne Kling

Susanne Kling realized early on that personnel management was for her. The banking specialist and business psychologist provides support to trainees and students with charm and creativity.

Daniel Kaczynski

Daniel Kaczynski has advanced training as a machine tool technician, and he will soon be assuming leadership responsibilities in project technology. After a brief stint with BMW, he is back with us.

Christian Pap

Christian Pap is someone who knows what he wants and goes for it. First a trainee, now a dual student. Right on the path to production technology. And beyond.

Simon Schneider

Simon Schneider is completing an apprenticeship in warehouse logistics in Neuenbürg. His road there was not an easy one. But he's there now. It all worked out. For him. And for us.

Ines Martinez

Ines Martinez works at the interface of executives, HR and certification management. Her goals: low resource consumption, minimal accident rates, healthy spines, less noise, etc.

Ralph Hummel

Ralph Hummel has been faithful to Weber in Markdorf for over 25 years. Reorienting himself never occurred to him. Why not? He explains that in his portrait.

Udo Hähnel

Udo Hähnel is ablaze with passion for his work, for the company. He calls it being "Weberized", an infectious enthusiasm for the philosophy that carries the company. He explains here what he means by that.

Markus Lohr-Ducree

Markus Lohr-Ducree is a real trouper. Someone who is always leaning in and taking advantage of every chance to develop. Today he is the head of technology for all locations worldwide.