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Markdorf LocationHeadquarters in Markdorf
Germany Plant

Markdorf, a town in the beautiful Lake Constance area, is home to the corporate headquarters of Weber Automotive, the heart of our company. The same place where the company was founded is now home to the top management offices, from which all companies and locations in the corporate group are managed and coordinated. The most important manufacturing processes run at the Markdorf plant. Here, our teams devote their immense expertise, experience and dedication to developing, machining and assembling engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearbox housings and entire systems. Markdorf – a location with a rich tradition and bright future.


Weber Automotive GmbH
Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 5
88677 Markdorf

Phone + 49 7544 963-0
Fax + 49 7544 963-5002

Directions –  Google Maps

Production location

Plant ManagerJürgen Burghardt
Plant floor space50,000 m2
ProductsEngine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission housings
ProcessesProduction, system assembly, engine and system development