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Esztergom LocationEsztergom,
Hungary Plant

Esztergom, a city in Northern Hungary that was once the capital, is on the banks of the Danube. State-of-the-art production facilities apply the same production and quality standards as the German location to produce a wide variety of products, including oil pump housings, manifolds, intake pipes, hydraulic housings and gearshift covers. The Esztergom location has been part of Weber Automotive since the acquisition of Jung in 1996. Today, our Hungarian subsidiary is an important and integrated component of our corporate strategy.


Albert Weber Hungária Kft.
Táti út 28.
2500 Esztergom

Phone + 36 33 510 850
Fax + 36 33 510 858

Directions –  Google Maps

Production location

Plant ManagerGyula Szalay
Plant floor space24,000 m2
ProductsCubic housing sections
ProcessesProduction, installation