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Weber Automotive is financially independent and autonomous. We have stable financing and are well-equipped to deal with economic fluctuations and crises. We have a first-class, balanced customer portfolio. This includes companies that we want to continue to have as equal partners in the future. We also have employees that we rely on and with whom we can continue to grow. In short: Weber Automotive is ideally situated for a glowing future. The most important key performance indicators and facts prove this assertion.   

ManagementDr. Frank Grunow
Siegfried Schlabschi
Plant managementJürgen Burghardt, Markdorf
Martin Bleimehl, Neuenbürg
Christian Kühne, Bernau/Berlin
Martin Bleimehl, St. Ingbert
Heinrich Ranze, Magdeburg
Richard Chow-Wah, Auburn Hills USA
Gyula Szalay, Esztergom, Hungary
Quality managementMichael Pleikies, Markdorf
Head of salesUdo Hähnel, Europe
Year of founding1969
Ownership statusARDIAN and Family Weber
Employees of Weber Automotive1500
Production sitesMarkdorf, Germany
Neuenbürg, Germany
Bernau/Berlin, Germany
St. Ingbert, Germany
Magdeburg, Germany
Auburn Hills, MI, USA
Esztergom, Hungary


Weber Automotive has achieved encouraging economic development and strong growth in past years. Over the span of five years, we quadrupled our sales from around 75 million euros in 2011 to more than 300 million in 2015. In the years that followed, we successfully stabilized these sales figures. Today, we are a healthy company with a solid financial footing and more than 1,500 outstanding employees around the globe.


Weber Automotive works for the largest, most important automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in the world. These are premium customers with which we share exclusive, long-term contractual partnerships. Each order constitutes no more than 20 percent of our entire production volume. These orders are usually for a period of at least eight years. We are the only (exclusive) supplier for 90 percent of our customers. Thanks to this diversification of risks, we are well-equipped to deal with economic fluctuations and crises.